Box Jellyfish, also known as Sea Wasps, are members of the class Cubozoa who are distinct from all other jellyfish.

They’re much faster and more manoeuvrable than other jellyfish, so much so that some of them can actively chase their prey.

Their tentacles are situated on each corner of the four corners of their lower surface. Some species have one, solitary tentacle per corner, others have bundles of over a dozen tentacles per corner.

The weirdest thing about them has to be their eyes. They have 24 of them! 8 of their eyes even have retinas and lenses! These are the best eyes in cnidaria, and they STILL don’t have brain.

All this eyesight may well take it’s toll, one species was seen spending 15 hours per day asleep.

The Solar-powered Phyllodesmium is a large, aeolid nudibranch who’s covered in massive, paddle-shaped cerata.

The cerata are packed with algae that do their photosynthesis and share the resulting food with their landlord.

This nudibranch doesn’t get ALL the food it needs from algae. In fact, it’s likely they acquire the algae in the first place from the soft corals they eat!

Waste not want not…

…Images: Markus Fritze/prilfish/Steve Childs