The Moroccan Flic-flac Spider lives in silk burrows on the sand dunes of Morocco.

They can walk, but when they need to go faster they turn head over heels as they somersault across the sand at speeds of almost 2 metres per second. They can even do it uphill if they want!

This is the only spider known to flic-flac and we may never have another animal of any kind named after the flic-flac. So enjoy it.

Images: Prof. Dr. Rechenberg

The Red-headed Mouse Spider is a beautiful beast that can be found across Australia.

Females are over an inch long, almost entirely black and spend all their lives in burrows almost two feet deep and topped with trapdoors.

It’s up to those sexy red-headed, blue-bottomed males to wander the land in search of ladies.

They also happen to look extremely cute when they’re angry!

Images: Jason Bond/Peripitus/Karla Quintana Pearce

Gnathostomulida is an entire phylum of microscopic worms that live buried beneath the seabed.

They have no circulatory or respiratory systems, but they do have a fearsome set of jaws for scraping bacteria, fungi and protists from grains of sand.

There are lots of worms that would be terrifying if they were a few metres bigger. Some of them would just cut you in half, but it looks like this one would scrape the flesh from your bones.

That’s why biodiversity is important.

Images: Martin V. Sørensen